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In BnBooooo you play as a bed and breakfast (g)host. Your goal is to make your guests feel comfortable and at home without them finding out you’re haunting the house! Are you the (g)host with the most?  

Use the fortune teller app to predict what your guests want and need and perform simple household tasks to ensure their stay lives up to their expectations!

Just like your guests you can use doors, stairs and ladders to move through the house. However, as a (g)host you can also phase through floors and walls! The only downside is the ectoplasm you leave behind when you use your ghostly movement method, which you obviously don’t want your guests to see. Will you get the highest ranking BnBooooo?

Move your mouse around to move through the house.

Click and drag to finish the household tasks. 

We're a group of game development students from Breda University of Applied Sciences.  We hope you have fun playing the game we made for the Halloween Jam 2021, be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments! 

Andrei Olenic (design)
Diana Calistru (programming)
Marloes de Graaf (design)
Liza Makhova (art)
Bram Simonis (design)
Robin Jansen E. S. (design)

Music: Spook3 - PerriTune
Title font Itch: Shadow of the Deads 
In-game font: Alte Haas 


bnbooooo-win.zip 198 MB
Version 1 Nov 01, 2021


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★★★★★ 5/5

I loved it! Would absolutely stay here again if I'm in the area!